A colorful meditation on stars, nature and glittering Christmas tree decorations where that which seems everyday here takes on a magical shimmer. Between the years 1950-1970, Sweden’s only glitter factory was located in a house near Västansjö in Dalarna. Inside the factory, the yearly coming and going of seasons was materialized. Christmas tree glitter in the winter, binoculars in the spring, sunglasses in the summer and zippers in the fall. When the factory was shut down, it became home to director Alexander Rynéus’ grandparents, who have also passed out of time. Together with his parents, he goes through the factory’s old artifacts and the house turns into an archaeological excavation. With an aesthetic that is visually intoxicating , Alexander Rynéus invites you to 51 minutes of complete presence. And we are reminded that the world we live in is quite an enchanting place. The rhythmic call of a barn owl enhances the mood.
Swedish Title: Glitterfabriken
Director, Producer, Editor and Cinematographer: Alexander Rynéus
Sound Design/Sound Editing: Stefan Levin
Production Company: INTAKT
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 51min
Release: 2023
In co-production with: Film i Dalarna - Mattias Ehrenberg
Distribution: FilmForm

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