A new, overwhelming era is approaching from the sidelines. The boundaries between what is real and unreal are becoming increasingly blurred through technological advances. How will we hold up in an era where humans are being replaced with robots, and the real world is almost perfectly simulated in digital realities? Is there a limit for what can be replaced? Autonomous is an intense, emotional look into a future that is already here.

Title: Autonomous Directors: Per Eriksson & Alexander Rynéus  Producer: Malla Grapengiesser Length Ca 14 min 
Production Company: Fosfor Produktion Genre: Documentary Cinematography & Editing: Per Eriksson Alexander Rynéus 
Music: Karl-Erik Berglund Sound design & Mix: Christian Christensen Release: 2014  With the support of: Svenska Filminstitutet 
In collaboration with: Film i Dalarna, Film Stockholm/Filmbasen,Konstnärsnämnden, Japanstiftelsen.