Giants and the Morning After

At the beginning of time, giants created the mountains and deep forests that surround the small town of Ydre. It’s now one of Sweden’s smallest municipality, and has a population of just a few thousand, which is carefully looked after by the friendly and idealistic mayor. He is ready with gifts and big smiles every time a child is born and he can note that Ydre has a new inhabitant. In the meantime, youths and elderly people are working and living their lives. It’s a cinematic film about responsibility, love for the community and sense of belonging told with an anchored humor about ordinary enlightened moments of everyday on-going life. Creation myths, fables and everyday realism are mixed with understated comedy in an atmospheric and moving film

Swedish Title: Händelser i Ydre
Director: Alexander Rynéus, Per Bifrost, Malla Grapengiesser
Producer: Malla Grapengiesser
Editing: Mervi Junkkonen
Original Music: Stefan Levin
Production Company: Fosfor Produktion AB
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 88 min
Release: 2018
Development support: The Swedish Film Institute, Film Commissioner Cecilia Ledin
Production support: The Swedish Film Institute, Film Commissioner Klara Grunning, Film i Öst/Film Commissioner Mattias Ahlén
In co-production with: Swedish Television (SVT) and Film i Dalarna
Supported by: YLE/Jenny Westergård and Ydre municipality
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